Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Home Server 2011 includes additional entertainment capabilities, and an add in feature with an app store. including web-based media functionality.

Initial speculation by technology columnist Mary Jo Foley fueled the idea that ‘Vail’ would integrate with . This prompted the response “Time will tell” by Microsoft Windows Home Server Product Planner Todd Headrick,but by the time of the public beta Microsoft had decided not to integrate Windows Media Center with ‘Vail’


Protect and Maintain

Help keep your files safe and all your devices running smoothly with Windows Home Server 2011, you can:

  • Perform daily backups of every computer on your network, including the server.
  • Restore everything from individual lost files to entire PCs.
  • Easily restore your entire server in the event of a critical disaster.
  • Have your files and devices sit behind your firewall with strong password controls.
  • Share what you want and keep the rest private.
  • Monitor the condition and performance of each computer in your home.
  • Keep antivirus and other protection software up to date.


Organize and Access

Get your files in order and access them with ease:

  • Store all your photos, movies, and other files in a central location.
  • Get to all these files from any computer on your home network.
  • Stream shared photos, music, and videos on network devices.
  • Enjoy a common music collection with your family.
  • Watch smoothly streaming video, digitally recorded TV shows, and Silverlight-powered slide shows, both in and outside your home.
  • Watch digitally recorded shows and movies on your TV via an Xbox 360 or other supported digital media receiver.
  • Get to your home network remotely.


Product Features

  • Automatic, daily backups of all of your families PCs
  • Streaming of media files across your network
  • Remote, online access to files and home-based PCs
  • Extendable with add-ins and third-party apps

Windows Home Server 2011 System Requirements


Required processor

1.3 GHz dual core or 1.4 GHz single core

Required memory

2GB Minimum

Required hard disk space

At least one 160 GB drive

Required video card

1024 x 768 or higher-resolution


After the payment, We will email you both download link and product key


Copy the download link to your browser to start downloading


Install from the download file , then activate it with the product key



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